Hot Head Deep Conditioning Thermal Heat Cap
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We all want to maintain healthy hair. However, not all of us can afford treatments and/or spend hours at the hairdresser's. Say hello to Hot Head Deep Conditioning Thermal Heat Cap for a salon-quality treatment in the comfort of your home.


Check out Hot Head for kids. 


How does it work?

Hair cuticle is typically closed and laying flat like fish scales. Hot Head Cap, which is thermal and made from Terrycloth, is filled with renewable flaxseeds that generates heat when warmed up in the microwave. The gently heat produced from the Cap will lift your hair cuticles, allowing the treatment to penetrate deep down, leaving your hair well-conditioned and nourished from inside out.


You can also use this cap when your colouring hair to allow the dye to penetrate the cuticles and get the best colour results.


Cordless by design, you can move about freely and get on with other things while treating or your colouring hair. 


Suitable for: All hair types.


Size: 0.5kg


£28.99 GBP

Heat in the microwave for 30-45 seconds on each side, depending on microwave wattage. Do not exceed a combined total of 3 minutes heating time from start to finish of conditioning your hair. The cap will produce 20-30 minutes of gentle moist heat to deep condition your hair. For longevity of your cap, please also follow very important instructions that comes with it.

To avoid ruining your cap, always use a plastic cap on top of your hair before putting on Hot Head.

Tip: Many users have noted the print side of the cap is the warmest. Watch the video below by YouTube vlogger, Bianca Renee, where she demonstrates the best way to heat  and use the cap. 



Cleaning and maintenance

Use warm water and a mild detergent to clean. Any unsightly fluff or lint on the Cap can be removed using a lint roller.

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What would happen if I heat the cap longer than recommended time?

The flaxseeds would become overheated and toasted, thus sparking up and setting the cap on fire. This happened to our Co-Founder's cap, so please do not overheat at any given time. The elastic would also lose it firmness, causing your cap to become saggy. Overheating the cap can also result in burnt holes. As a rule of thumb, the higher the microwave voltage, the less heat up time is required.

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