Hair Décor Ultra Fine Mist Continuous Spray Bottle
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Hair Décor Ultra Fine Mist Spray Bottle sparsely and evenly disperse water or very liquid product to the hair without leaving strands oversaturated and wet. This is the perfect tool to use when hydrating and refreshing your hair in between wash day.


Unlike traditional and other spray bottles, its precision, micro nozzle semi-automatically dispenses a continuous stream of ultra fine mist in few seconds at a time without the need for repetitive pumping or press of the trigger. This reduces hand and fingers fatigue compared to traditional triggers that comes with sprayable liquid hair products such as a mist or hydrator. Furthermore, the ergonomic design enables large sections of the hair to be sprayed quickly and efficiently without missing gaps. 

With a 360 degrees spraying functionality, you can even spray your hair with the bottle upside down and without leakage or loss of prime. As an added bonus, the bottle also comes with a lock to also prevent accidental liquid leakage while travelling. Due to its re-compression technology, almost 99% of the liquid is expelled; allowing you to spray until the very last few drop. Compact, curved design to fit in a handbag. 


Size: 200ml capacity


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No pumping required, just press trigger and get a nice steady stream spray. Perfect to use in with water or a light liquid hydrator that has a consistency similar to water.

Cleaning and maintenance

When using ordinary tap water in the bottle to mist hair regularly, change the water frequently (every few days) to avoid odour developing.
To clean, fill bottle with soap water or other detergents and spray the detergents out. If the micro nozzle gets clogged up overtime due to oil or other ingredients from liquid products or limescale from water, refill bottle half way through with diluted vinegar and spray the vinegar out to thoroughly unclog the nozzle.

Food grade eco-friendly PET material