Hair Décor Ultra Fine Microfibre Turban Hair Towel - Kids
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Made from bamboo-derived fabric and soft to the touch, Hair Décor Ultra Fine Microfibre Turban Hair Towel for kids absorbs excess water from the hair without causing unnecessary friction or static on the strands like regular harsh bath towels. It minimises the risk of tangles, frizz and split ends.


Super-absorbent, it also prevents the roots from drying flat due to being weighed down from moisture in the hair as it dries. It is the perfect choice for curly and kinky hair usually take too long to dry.


The size is 22x59cm and it is adjustable. Ideal for kids age 3-11. 


£8.99 GBP

First, gently squeeze any excess water from your hair. Place the hair turban over your hair. Bring the tail of the turban to the back of your head and secure the loop at the end with the button closure. 

Wash on a cooler temperature on the delicate cycle. Don't use a detergent with brightening or bleaching agents and avoid using fabric conditioner as they can reduce absorbency, performance and appearance of the towel. Dry on the line or tumble dry on a low heat. 

80% Polyester (Modified Bamboo Cotton) 20% polyamide  


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