Business Enquiries


Please read for potential answer to your query

We are constantly inundated with B2B enquiries and as such we have prepared possible answers to frequent queries:

Sponsorship: We are a relatively new, small, couple-owned business and at this point in time we are unable to undertake financial sponsorship.

Wholesale supplier: We are always on the lookout for high quality natural hair products suitable for textured hair. If your brand meets our criteria based upon our research, we will get back to you.

Delivery fulfilment, web development, graphic design and social media management & marketing: We do these in-house and we are currently not seeking to outsource to a third-party provider. 


Advertising: send us your media kit, which provide details about your demographics, circulation, readership, frequency, advert cost and any other vital information. 

Work experience or internship: We are seeking gifted bloggers to pen articles for our Knowledge is Power blog section on the website. If you have solid understanding and experience about natural textured hair, we would love to hear from you. You must have good writing skills. You will be required to submit at least one article (300-500 words) per month. In return, we will offer you a generous product discount. Please send your CV for consideration.

Email if you feel the answer to your query has not been addressed above.