About us


Our story - started from the bedroom, now we’re hair.


SimplyMoi is owned by a British couple of Jamaican and Sierra Leonean descent who are both long-term advocates and users of natural products for the hair.


As they lay in bed one Sunday morning of May 2015, the couple had an eureka moment while discussing how difficult it can be to look after textured hair safely and effectively. They felt that lack of knowledge and limited access to plant-based products are the main hindrances. Fast-forward to June 2016, SimplyMoi, a registered trademark and a private limited company, was launched.


With a mission at hand, the couple spent months developing their concept and reaching out to suppliers that don’t compromise on quality to meet mainstream production. They intentionally sought small, independent, niched brands, whose products contain high level of natural ingredients (not just a few dose) and are geared towards those with textured hair, whether it is kinky/tightly-coiled, curly or even relaxed. 


If you are conscious about what you put on your hair and where you shop, SimplyMoi is the online store for you. Together we can embrace the versatility and magicality of textured hair.


Our Philosophy

Simply put, products that are highly natural, non-toxic and specifically created with textured hair in mind, are what we're all about. This is the core essence of our brand value and we won't settle for nothing less.


Reasons To Trust & Buy From Us


1. We don’t stock a product or brand just because it’s popular or quick to sell. Not all that glitters is gold! Each product we stock has met a series of set criteria that we have in place. What type of ingredient is in it? How safe are the preservatives used? How versatile is the product? Is it proven to work? Those are some of the questions we at SimplyMoi ask ourselves before we give the green light to stock a product.

2. It's more than just about the Queen's Head for us. It is a 'hairevolution'! Yes, you heard right! We will work hard to ensure our site is informative to newbies and veteran natural products enthusiasts, in quest to seek out knowledge and great tips for their hair. We do this through our blog, well-versed product information, and advice & help pages. We are also happy for customers to contact us to get specific hair and product advice. 

3. We make it a must that you have the best possible shopping experience with us. We usually dispatch orders between 12 - 36 hours, Monday - Friday. Occasionally, we also dispatch orders on Saturdays.  

4. One of co-founder, Bernie  has over a decade long first-hand knowledge and experience of using natural haircare products. Her expertise started in 2002, working at The Sanctuary Spa, where she was a product consultant for Phytospecifc, one of the early entrants in the natural haircare products for textured hair. There she gained a concreted knowledge about plant-based ingredients and the benefits they give to hair. 


5. We are responsible for introducing to the UK and Europe some the best and unique natural haircare products for type 2 - 4 hair. Soultanicals, Inahsi Naturals, Kurlee Belle, Roots Only and more. 

6. Finally, if we cannot see ourselves using a particular product, we won’t stock it.