I pay unapologetic attention to detail when creating each product in our collection, bursting with natural ingredients you’ll fall in love with. I have spent countless hours personally formulating and developing each and every product. High quality, nutrient rich, natural and simple ingredients are used to leave your hair feeling healthy, strong and nourished. No matter your hair's texture or porosity, Miche has you covered - with unique formulations created to work effortlessly.


- Michelle Ballard, Founder



Miche Indulge Moisturising Deep Conditioner
If your hair is dry and slightly damaged, and needs intense conditioning without protein, then Miche Beauty Indulge Moisturising Deep Conditioner might...
£20.99 GBP £16.99 GBP
1 review
Miche Lavish Leave-In Conditioner
Miche Beauty Lavish Leave-In Conditioner infuses dry hair with moisture-rich ingredients that is sure to leave your hair feeling replenished and...
£17.99 GBP £13.99 GBP
2 reviews
Miche Strengthen Protein & Moisture Deep Conditioner
Dry, damaged and/or chemically over-processed hair? Miche Beauty Strengthen Protein & Moisture Deep Conditioner is infused with essentials proteins to help reduce breakage...
£21.99 GBP £16.99 GBP
2 reviews
Miche Cleansed Sulfate-Free Shampoo
Miche Beauty Cleansed Sulfate-Free Shampoo cleans hair thoroughly and gently without stripping hair of its natural oils.  Its nourishing, ph-balanced formula also repairs,...
£19.99 GBP £15.99 GBP
2 reviews
Miche Quenched Hydrating & Twisting Butter
Miche Beauty Quenched Hydrating & Twisting Butter replenishes and revitalises dry, thirsty hair, while simultaneously providing shine and a light hold. Rich and...
£18.99 GBP £14.99 GBP
1 review
Miche Bounce Curl Defining Cream
Miche Beauty Bounce Curl Defining Cream provides the perfect balance of bouncy, defined, shiny and hydrated hairstyles. Works wonders for hair that...
£23.99 GBP £17.99 GBP
2 reviews
Miche Boost Hydrating Curl Refresher & Leave-In Spray
Miche Beauty Boost Hydrating Curl Refresher & Leave-In Spray is a multipurpose nutrient-rich formula that moisturises, detangles, hydrates, refreshes and nourishes hair, leaving...
£18.99 GBP £14.99 GBP
4 reviews
Miche Sculpting Curl Defining Gel
Miche Beauty Sculpting Curl Defining Gel is formulated to provide your hair with a medium hold as well as long-lasting definition and shine....
£23.99 GBP £18.99 GBP
Miche Detox Clarifying & Detoxifying Shampoo
Experience deep cleanse with Miche Beauty Detox Clarifying & Detoxifying Shampoo. Non-drying and sulfate-free formula, it gently remove product buildup, pollutants,...
£19.99 GBP £15.99 GBP

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