Hot Head Thermal Hair Care
Sandra SnellAs a professional hair stylist, Sandra Snell knows the significance of routine deep conditioning treatments. Being a busy mother of two, having the spare time to sit under a hooded dryer was no longer an option. She needed a productive way to care for her hair at home and at the same time carrying out mummy's duties. One day while looking after her son and deep conditioning her hair with a hot towel, Sandra had an ‘aha moment’. The idea of a hair cap, filled with heat-producing flaxseed, came to mind. And viola! Hot Head was born!

Hot Head Thermal Hair Care

Hot Head Deep Conditioning Thermal Heat Cap
We all want to maintain healthy hair. However, not all of us can afford treatments and/or spend hours at the...
£28.99 GBP
Little Hot Head Deep Conditioning Thermal Heat Cap - Kids
Lighter and smaller than the original, Little Hot Head™ Deep Conditioning Thermal Heat Cap is specially designed for conditioning kids' hair....
£26.99 GBP