Hair Décor
Hair Décor offers chic, statement hair accessories that camouflage bad hair day or add flare to your hairstyle. Whether your mane is short, long or in extensions, there's a must-have accessory for you.

Hair Décor

Hair Décor Textured Hair Detangling Brush
Get rid of knots and tangles effortlessly. Hair Décor Textured Hair Detangling Brush gently glides through hair, protecting cuticles from...
£11.99 GBP
16 reviews
Hair Décor Ultra Fine Mist Continuous Spray Bottle
Hair Décor Ultra Fine Mist Spray Bottle sparsely and evenly disperse water as well as  liquid hydrators/refreshers on the hair without leaving strands...
£9.99 GBP
13 reviews
Hair Décor Scalp Massager & Shampoo Brush
Designed with unique convex 5-point bristle, Hair Décor Scalp Massager & Shampoo Brush increases blood flow to the scalp via micro-circulation,...
£7.99 GBP
6 reviews

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