Pydana Deep Conditioning Thermal Heat Cap
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Uniquely crafted with contemporary African Java print (100% cotton) and premium flannel fabric, Pydana Collection Thermal Heat Cap provides a steam-like heat to open up the hair cuticles, allowing products to easily penetrate the hair shaft for an intense deep conditioning and salon-quality result.


Filled with diagonal pockets of special grains to conduct and retain heat for longer. The caps are also purposely designed to evenly distribute heat over the entire head.


It can also be used for hair steaming, hot oil treatments, colour processing, scalp treatments, pre-poo treatments, protein treatments, opening up the cuticle to moisturise low-porosity hair once in a while. It comes with a free pouch/gift bag to help you store your cap safely and prevent damage.


Suitable for: All hair types.



Starting circumference: 23" 

Max circumference when fully stretched: 36”


Pydana Thermal Heat Caps are large and roomy enough to even fit long, thick hair, weaves, braids, etc. Also thick deadlocks if it is wrapped around the head and tucked before using the cap.


Weight: 500g


£33.99 GBP

After applying product on your hair, put on plastic cap or wrap a cling-film over entire head completely covering hair. Place the heat cap with the crown down (outside/print side) on a microwave plate. Initially heat for 1 minute and heat in 30 seconds intervals until you have achieved a safe and comfortable temperature to your liking. Do not exceed an overall heating time of 3 minutes.

The outside of the cap can be less hotter than the inside, so feel the inside of cap to determine how hot it is. Reduce or increase heating time accordingly. The amount of time you need to heat the cap depends on the watts of your microwave and the temperature you are comfortable with.

Caution: Over heating your cap or using a microwave that has 1000 watts or above can cause burns or damage to the cap. Always exercise care and caution when using your heat cap. 


Check out this tutorial from @Coily_Dawn on how to use the cap:


Cleaning and maintenance

Any unsightly fluff or lint on the cap can be removed using a lint roller. Use warm water and a mild, bleach-free detergent to spot or wipe clean. Do not immerse in water. Allow cap to thoroughly air dry before use. As always, use a plastic cap or clingfilm underneath your Pydana Thermal Cap. Store your cap in the gift bag provided when not in use. 

Cotton, flannel, grains, plus eco-friendly materials.


What is the main differences between Pydana Thermal Heat Cap and Hot Head?

Pydana is constructed with special rice grains, while Hot Head is with flaxseeds. Pydana Thermal Caps are slightly larger/roomy than Hot Head Caps.