Hair Décor Textured Hair Detangling Brush
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Get rid of knots and tangles effortlessly. Hair Décor Textured Hair Detangling Brush gently glides through hair, protecting cuticles from damage.

Save time brushing with 8 expandable, individual bristles that enable detangling in large sections. Reduce breakage and split ends while brushing. Sturdy, comfortable, anti-slip handle.


What type of hair is it ideal for? 

Every naturally textured hair type (curly, kinky wavy), fine, medium of thick.


£9.99 GBP

For best results, detangle textured hair whilst wet or damp. To avoid pulling or snagging the hair, start to detangle the ends vertically by holding the brush upright. Once the ends are free from knots and tangles, brush the hair horizontally from root to tip for a complete knot-free, smooth finish.

High heat-resistant nylon.


What is the difference this brush and Felicia Leatherwood Detangling Brush?

Hair Decor Textured Hair Detangling Brush is wider, lengthier- making detangling much easier and efficient. The eight individual bristles are also very flexible and glides through the gently.