Peep Our Exclusive Interview With Inahsi Naturals Founder, Rhonda Marshall

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Peep Our Exclusive Interview With Inahsi Naturals Founder, Rhonda Marshall

A year ago when we first introduced Inahsi Naturals in the UK, it was relatively unknown. Nevertheless, we had faith in the brand and felt it was only a matter of time before customers gravitate to the exceptional products. Last month, Inashi Naturals won ‘Best Emerging Brand for Type 4 Hair’ as chosen by NaturallyCurly Editor’s Choice Awards.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Rhonda Marshall, the brain behind the brand. Check it out:

What made you decide to develop your own line of natural haircare products?
I saw a clear consumer need and personal passion to take better care of her naturally curly hair. After years of using relaxers and other chemical laden products, and high heat styling methods that damaged my hair in an attempt to modify my natural curl pattern, I felt there had to be a better way.

After transitioning away from chemically processed hair in 2001, I eventually developed my own hair products incorporating natural ingredients that were especially effective for naturally curly hair textures. With this experience not only as a Chemist but also as a customer, in 2011 I developed what would eventually be the Inahsi Naturals product line.

Congratulations on winning “Best Emerging Brand for Type 4 Hair’ as chosen by NaturallyCurly Editor’s Choice Awards (2017). How does it feel to receive this well-deserved recognition?
We are very excited to have our products and our brand recognized as one of the Best Emerging brands for 2017. We have been working very hard to bring high quality products to our customers and right now we just need to continue to spread the word about Inahsi Naturals.

Are your products specifically for type 4 hair?
Products are great for all types of hair. When you get into hair typing, and what products work best, we do have some products that are better for specific types. Our Island Breeze Hair & Body Whipped Butter is a favourite for our Type 4 curly girls. This product along with our Leave-In Conditioner and a light oil is a great LOC method combo. Our Rock Your Curls Curl Enhancing Cream is also a great curl definer for Type 3 and Type 4 hair. Our Shampoos and Conditioners are great for any hair texture, and our Type 2 & Type 3 ‘Curl Friends’ can't get enough of the Coconut Avocado Curl Defining Custard.

How did you develop the concept for Inahsi Naturals?
Inahsi Naturals was developed out of a desire to provide products to the Natural Hair Community that used high quality natural ingredients and were developed for naturally curly hair. Beyond the products Inahsi Naturals also strives to be a brand that represents empowerment for women who desire to wear their hair naturally. Inahsi, derived from the same Latin root word for innate, meaning inborn, is directly tied to our slogan: Loving the YOU that you were born into. This simply means, love yourself as you are, and use Inahsi Naturals products to enhance your natural beauty and allow it to shine.

Rhonda, having worked for Suave haircare brand as well as the first Clear Stick deodorant, was there something from these experiences that you took on board when creating Inahsi Naturals?
Certainly. My background as a chemist working on other products has given me a very solid foundation for formulating Inahsi Naturals. From fundamental methods of how to properly formulate and mix products, methods of preservation, ingredient selection, and on and on, having worked in the industry as a chemist has definitely been a big plus for Inahsi Naturals.

You recently attend the World Natural Hair Show in Atlanta. Tell us what we missed.
The World Natural Hair Show was exciting, and overwhelming all at the same time. So many people in one place all looking for the best products in the natural hair industry. We had a great time putting faces with names as we were able to meet a lot of our current customers who we only knew threw an order submitted on our website. It was great to see everyone go all out and put their curls on display.

What else have you been up to lately business wise?
We have some exciting things in store for our Inahsi Family over the next few months. We are working hard to become the go to destination online for natural hair products for curly girls. With this in mind, we are looking at ways that we can provide the best possible experience for our customers from the time they order to the time they actually receive and use our products. We have a number of new products in development as well as a new subscription service concept that we believe our customers will love. Stay Tuned.

Is there anything else you would like to add this interview?
We will be looking to expand our business soon and we would love to have the natural hair community partner with us in these efforts. We are planning a CrowdFundig campaign that will allow us to reach curly girls all over the world as well as help us provide even better service to our existing customers in the US. We are very close to launch so keep a close eye on all of our social media outlets for the announcement coming soon.

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