Kent Mother Sets Up Petition After School Tells Daughter To Remove Braids

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Kent Mother Sets Up Petition After School Tells Daughter To Remove Braids


A mother has set up a petition on after her daughter was told to remove her braids and return her hair to "normal.”

Leanne Sullivan, whose daughter attend Fulston Manor School in Sittingbourne, Kent, revealed she was told her braids breached the school uniform policy.

"All extremes of hairstyles are not permitted in school. Examples of the types of style considered inappropriate are dying in non natural hair colours, contrasting colours, hair extensions, beading, braiding and cuts shorter than No. 2,” the school’s policy states.

However, Leanne feels that the policy is old-fashioned, considering black and mixed-race women and girls are ditching chemicals and embracing their natural textures.

On her petition page, she writes:

“The School Uniform Policy is out of date and conflicts directly with the school's Equality and Diversity Policy, as my daughter's hair style reflects her cultural background as it does the other mixed-race and black students who wear braid extensions.

“With developments in hair products and Styling techniques, more and more mixed race and black females are ceasing chemical treatment and straightening of their hair and are choosing to wear their hair in its natural form, in a range of styles.

“I believe these styles should be incorporated in to Fulston Manors School Uniform Policy along with braids and braid extensions.

“The school are currently reviewing the policy with regard to braids and extensions but this does not guarantee they will be allowed after the review. If you agree that these styles should be included and the policy updated, please sign this petition."

So far over 12,400 people have signed the petition and the goal is to reach 15,000. Fancy helping to meet the target? Please make way to

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