Is Your Hair Density Low, Medium Or High?

Is Your Hair Density Low, Medium Or High?


Getting to understand your hair well enough shouldn’t just be confined to hair type and porosity. To really understand and properly care for your hair inside-out with the right products, you also need to know your hair density.


Hair density refers to the amount of hair strands you have on your head overall. It is scientifically categorised as low, medium or high. But, in everyday language, you would often hear people use thin to describe a low-density hair and thick for high-density. There is nothing wrong with using these common terms. To determine which density your hair fall into, you would have to count the number of hair strands found per square inch (2.5cm) of your scalp.


According to various academic publications, the average person has about 2,200 strands of hair per square inch and 100,000 hair strands in total. As you can imagine, it would be painstaking to count the number hair strands to identify your hair density. Nevertheless, the ideal way to find out your  hair density is to look your scalp in front of a mirror.  If you can easily spot your scalp without parting, then you might have low-density hair, and vice-versa for spotting high-density hair. If you can moderately see your scalp, your hair is medium-density.


There you have it. Simple as ABC!

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