Avoid Being A Product Junkie: Get To Know The Porosity Level Of Your Hair

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Avoid Being A Product Junkie:  Get To Know The Porosity Level Of Your Hair


You move from one product to another within a short space of time, in search of the holy grail. Once again, you are left disappointed. You feel the products you have tried overtime don’t work. They don’t add or retain the moisture that your hair desperately needs. You wonder what you are doing wrong, especially as you have seen how well the products works for others.

If this sounds like you, get to know the porosity level of your hair.

What is porosity? We hear you ask

Porosity simply refers to hair’s ability to absorb and maintain moisture and it is broken down into three groups:

Low porosity: hair has tightly-closed cuticles, which lays down flat like set of fish scales. Low porosity hair tends to experience product build-up and extreme dryness as the lack of opened cuticles leads to product sitting on top the hair, rather absorbing into it. To get moisture deep into the hair shaft can be very challenging, but heat usually helps to lift up the cuticles.


What to avoid and embrace when caring for low-porosity hair

Medium porosity: hair cuticles are marginally raised, allowing more moisture into the hair and at the right amount. Medium porosity hair requires low maintenance and it's more receptive to wide range of styling products.

High Porosity: hair cuticles are very open/lifted up due to either natural circumstance or chemically processing. The cuticles are usually filled with holes/gap instead of laying down flat like fish scales. The holes make it challenging for moisture to stay into the hair shaft for longer. This challenge often leads to constant dryness of the hair and eventually breakage. 

Meanwhile, watch vlogger Ondia J illustrates the easiest ways to determine the your hair’s porosity:



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